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Able dating help support

Official Support Groups Even as a girlfriend, you can generally still participate in the family readiness group and receive updates as long as your soldier passes along your contact information to the group.You can usually attend meetings and events the same as any wife of a soldier would.Many communities have programs that will provide care for your grandchild while you do things like go to a doctor, go shopping, go to court or simply get some much-needed rest. When you are raising grandchildren, you may feel overcome with emotions.You may feel grief, sadness, and a sense of loss and disappointment that your child wasn't able to raise his/her children.Living with Your Soldier It is true that you will not be allowed to live on post as an Army girlfriend.

Try your Area Agency on Aging, child welfare office, county extension service, faith-based organization or other human services agency for help getting a group started.Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003.He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier. Stateside, you CAN easily get involved in unit activities and more and more units are encouraging your involvement.However, there is nothing that stops you from moving to the area where he is stationed.You can just as easily rent an apartment in the same city as you can where you currently live.

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