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Biker dating ca

Since then, S&S researched Flathead Power, a company that serviced classic/vintage engine lines and components dating back to 1936.

It was a perfect compliment for the S&S product line and brand and would ultimately fill a major void in the market, the hunger for engine parts and complete assemblies for vintage Knuckles, Pans, and Shovels.

Suddenly many old school aficionados held their breath in anticipation of access to a long awaited, refined product line.

A longstanding customer-vendor relationship between S&S and Flathead Power helped facilitate the deal for S&S.

Flathead Power rocker arm cover “tins” are another modern improvement.

The KN93 is a standard compression 93" engine and is available with authentic generator style crankcases for early style chassis, primary and transmissions, and with alternator/generator style cases for use with 1970 and later primary covers and late style transmissions.

S&S Kn-Series engine Specifications KN93: 93-inch, 3-5/8 Bore, 4-1/2 Stroke, Super E, FHP 420 S&S, Forged 8.2:1 compression KN74: 74-inch, 3-7/16 Bore, 3-31/32 Stroke, Super E, FHP 346, S&S Forged, 7.5:1 compression "I have seen a few engines like this built in the past, but they were some real Frankensteins.

S&S is committed to servicing this demand while producing quality Proven Performance products with a high level of customer service.” S&S reintroduced the Flathead Power product line at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati in early February, 2008, and they stuck with the plan of introducing each vintage engine configuration as each product line was refined and mated with existing S&S components for the best possible performance configuration.

"Granted, I may be partial, but S&S is in the best position to respond to customer requests like this, our resources are second to none, we can marry the two designs together in Product Development, communicate that info to our Mfg Dept, and have quality inspected parts in a matter of days because everything is done right here in Viola Wisconsin, and with the majority of our vendors in the tri-state area, this is a product truly made in the USA," said Eric Wangen, Flathead Power Product Line Manager."Our KN-93 won Engine of the year in 2009 and its next generation KN-Kone engine winning two years later is really icing on the cake, and both coming from an industry event like the V-Twin Expo, shows that vintage never goes out of style." The cone motor aspect almost brings the Knucklehead up to Evo performance with the most simplistic and refined of all the standard V-twin configurations.

Die ausgebauten, ehemaligen Bahntrassen führen Radler direkt an diese Industriedenkmäler heran.

Als ideale Ausgangspunkte für Tagestouren im dienen zahlreiche fahrradfreundliche Betriebe.

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Radfahren im Ruhrgebiet und Radurlaub in der Metropole Ruhr: ein dichtes Radwegenetz von über 1.200 Kilometern Länge durchzieht das Ruhrgebiet und dient als Grundgerüst für das

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