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Dating websites of south africa

Now, the perception has normalised.” Along with the facts that online literacy has increased and Internet access is more ubiquitous, the acceptance that online dating isn’t for ‘the desperate’ is a major reason why, even during a recession, the ranks of virtual matchmaking sites swelled.In particular, more people of colour and more people from an older generation (55 to 60 ) are perusing the platforms for a potential long-term partner, companion or friend, not necessarily with sexual intentions.After all, the end game can be anything from a one-night stand to marriage, depending on what you’re in the market for.

Though, it’s this very argument that, David points out, is detrimental to online dating.

“Online dating has become much more mainstream,” explains David.

In the old days, it was thought to be the realm of geeks and sad, lonely people.

Though, that’s where her positive take on the platform seems to begin and end.

Strike one: she reports that her online dating site’s compatibility quizzes seemed “off”; she was found time and again to be most compatible with 59-year-olds from Durbanville, not exactly flattering for a young city centre draughtswoman and 3D visualizer working at cutting-edge furniture design company Pierre Cronje.

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