Email updating limewire pro

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Email updating limewire pro

As I said earlier I sent an app last year, then another one yesterday morning and ive yet to even get a repy tellin me to get lost, is this normal?

Im kinda excited to try em out but if the service is like this ill just hop back over to dms yeah I used to rate DMS as my favorite but CK has surpassed it, especially for dance/electronic music.

DMS is great for the "working" DJ..someone wants to remix or grab acapellas and instrumentals, they should look elsewhere... Both are great for DJs..for aspiring producers and remixers...

^Like As mentioned above - unless U play a niche format - you may need more than one pool - (i do idjpool and latenight) - been hearing a tiny buzz about club killers lately - tracking to see whats up?

What people might mean by "latin" in Los Angeles can be way different that what people in New York refer to as "latin." i have to co-sign Club Killers. The majority of new tracks is top 40, electronic dance, rap.

The also have dj tools and acapellas, old school, 80s, Latin, Rock, R&B, Wedding and Instrumentals.

For Top 40, Electronic Dance and Rap they have a shitload of new releases and several versions of tracks including Clean/Dirty, Intro/Extended, CK Edits, etc.

Tracks are 320kb (all the ones i've downloaded anyway). You can download unlimited tracks, but you can only download a specific track twice. you can also filter by genres and other filters (current, re-current, etc).

Club Killers its a good pool but the best for you may not be the best for others, still need some work.They also have most downloaded charts day, week, all time.other pools i would suggest looking at is DMS, DJ City and Late Night (LNRP).On a side note the talent at CK is top notch and they are very responsive to customer requests. they need to work on the homepage and the signup process, but the pool itself and UI is top notch.When certain video editors on CK post I don't even preview b/c I know that ish is gonna be hot. Im kinda confused on CK, is it open yet, I know I filled out an app like 1 years ago when it was first announced n didnt hear anything back, I just checked the site and it still says its "almost ready" so is it open to the public yet or not, anyone feel like hooking ya boy up with a referral? DJ Nyce what kind of DJ is club killers geared toward?

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