Funny farm 1988 online dating

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Funny farm 1988 online dating

Protected life In 1984, tragedy struck when Shand Kydd's troubled younger brother Edmund committed suicide and then, shortly after, her former brother-in-law the Conservative MP Sir Anthony Berry was killed in the IRA bombing in Brighton.

She closed her gift shop and was said to have begun to drink, although friends have insisted she was not an alcoholic.

Her own formidable mother sided against her with Johnnie in a bitter custody battle - a betrayal which Shand Kydd never forgave.

Shand Kydd did always insist that she did not leave her children.

The birth of a healthy baby Diana in July 1961 was marked with relief, but concern that there was still no heir for Althorp.

Troubled marriage Three years later with her marriage under strain at her apparent inability to produce a healthy son, Shand Kydd did her duty and gave birth to a boy - Charles.

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Sheltered away in the sanctuary of a modest bungalow on Seil near Oban, her life in later years seemed a world away from the royal circles she moved in as a child.

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