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He hypothesized that the coconut originated in the Americas, based on his belief that American coconut populations predated European contact and because he considered pan-tropical distribution by ocean currents improbable.

Thor Heyerdahl later used this as one part of his hypothesis to support his theory that the Pacific Islanders originated as two migration streams from the Canadian Pacific coast (themselves recent migrants from Asia) to Hawaii, and on to Tahiti and New Zealand in a series of hops, and another migration from South America via sailing balsa-wood rafts.

The similarities of the local names in the Malaysia–Indonesia region is also cited as evidence that the plant originated in the region.

For example, the Polynesian and Melanesian term niu and the Tagalog and Chamorro term niyog is said to be based on the Malay word nyiur or nyior.

He explained how at Guam "they eat coconuts" ("mangiano cochi") and that the natives there also "anoint the body and the hair with coconut and beniseed oil" ("ongieno el corpo et li capili co oleo de cocho et de giongioli").

Harries’ adoption of the Polynesian terms niu kafa and niu vai has now passed into general scientific discourse, and his hypothesis is generally accepted.

Roots are usually less than about 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter and uniformly thick from the tree trunk to the root tip.

The palm produces both the female and male flowers on the same inflorescence; thus, the palm is monoecious.

Since 1978, the work on tracing the probable origin and dispersal of Cocos nucifera rather than increasing the number or size of the edible parts of a fruit that was already large enough.

Human cultivation of the coconut selected, not for larger size, but for thinner husks and increased volume of endosperm, the solid “meat” or liquid “water” that provides the fruit its food value.

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consists of an abundance of thin roots that grow outward from the plant near the surface.

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