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Scarlet dating site

To reproduce, most of them grow a little longer or wider and split into two.

This process of division, called binary fission, may take place as rapidly as every twenty minutes for certain bacteria under ideal conditions – a millionfold increase in less than seven hours.

Bacteria, or germs, take in regular nourishment and excrete waste products, which are often poisonous to the host.

In general, bacteria do not penetrate the actual cells of the hosts body and are consequently described as being extracellular.

Considerably smaller than any bacterium, a virus is rather like an encoded chemical, operating only when certain conditions are available. Instead, it hijacks a cell belonging to the body of its host and modifies the cells reproductive mechanism so that the cell produces viruses in place of new cells.

Because of this strategy, viruses are described as being intracellular.

Bacteria are usually subdivided under headings according to their shape.

Scarlet fever is caused by bacteria known as group A streptococcus (GAS).

Although it is unclear what is causing the scarlet fever outbreaks, incidence is typically higher during winter and spring, and therefore the increasing number of sufferers may be due to climate change. Prevention focuses on hand washing, not sharing personal items and staying away from infected people.

Some 620 cases of scarlet fever have occurred within the last year, with schools and nurseries being the most affected, the study found.

Treatment includes antibiotics, rest, drinking fluids and painkillers to reduce fever, if necessary.

Infected people should stay at home until they recover.

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