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Regina finds out from her new doctor that she has osteonecrosis in her right wrist and can never sign, paint, or be a hairdresser again, which leads to a falling-out with Melody, who thinks Regina is faking to get sympathy.Daphne tells Noah how upset she feels about her mom not being able to sign with her anymore.Elsewhere, Toby embarks on a romance with Nikki, but pulls back after Emmett shows him a distasteful picture of her on the internet.Angelo tells Regina about his possible unborn child and Regina has a run-in with Lana, the other woman, in an elevator.Meanwhile, Bay is accused of cheating on her French exam and decides to attend Carlton.Daphne is still upset after all that happened with Jeff and snaps at Travis.Daphne opens her food truck for business, but is uncomfortable with decisions John is trying to make for her.A boy from her old neighborhood is upset when Daphne brings her truck to East Riverside.

Regina runs into an old friend while out with Kathryn.She meets Teo, a fellow program participant, and finds herself on the outs with Natalie, who bullies her because she is hearing.John and Kathryn inform the family of John's plans to run for state senate.After the retreat, Bay and Natalie declare a truce.Emmett is jealous of Bay's friendship with Noah and says he (Emmett) can't be friends with Bay any more because it hurts too much to not be with her.

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Bay finds herself on the wrong end of Natalie's wrath, forcing Melody to take everyone on a Tolerance Retreat to help bridge the divide between them.