We are dating ratings

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We are dating ratings

By logging in through Facebook, women suddenly had access to profiles of their ex-boyfriends, best friends, and one-night stands.

On Lulu, they could review them on a scale of one to ten and select any number of hashtags to describe them, including #Obsessed With His Mom, #Sleeps On The Wet Spot, and #Gone By Morning.

The good and the bad memories could be released in one fun cyber-klatch that felt more like venting to girlfriends over drinks than writing sketchy rants in Reddit groups (like the other gender has been known to do).

It may either be a legal snafu or a general backlash that has led Lulu to make a major change to how the app operates. 27, Lulu switched to an opt-in policy where men have to actively sign up rather than go out of their way to be taken down from the site.Then there’s the issue of why men are bothering to opt in to apps like Lulu in the first place.According to Lulu’s press statement, it’s because “they want to get feedback from the Lulu community.” More likely, they’re terrified that if they don’t sign up, women will assume they are misogynistic creeps, and terrible in bed to boot.There’s no good reason to encourage men and women to scrutinize their ability to love and be loved based on the guidance of nameless commentators. If you want to order someone to your apartment for casual sex like they’re takeout, e Harmony’s not your bag. Despite being extremely popular, the app doesn’t get great reviews from users, not even cracking the top 20 dating and sex apps in ratings.

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If women are bombarded with a prospective beau’s crappy sex and dating history, would they ever want to give him a chance—even if he actually now deserves one?

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