What is validating parking

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What is validating parking

Q: Should validation tickets be safeguarded once received? Validation tickets have a monetary value and as such should be treated like cash.

Controls should be implemented to protect your inventory.

Validations provide a convenient tool for IUPUI and IU Health departments to pay for their guest’s parking while visiting campus.

Validations can be used in all IUPUI Visitor Garages. To set up a new parking validation account, please complete the Request for New Parking Validation form. Your unique validation number will be assigned and will be utilized for all future requests.

Fill out the Validation Ticket Order form to submit an order for validation tickets.

The account/cost center number provided on the Request for New Validation form will be used for billing purposes.

Employees are eligible to purchase a parking permit.

Or you can call Central Parking at (503) 790-9302 ext.

A: When completing the order form you will note who is authorized to pick up the validation ticket order.

The authorized individual will need to bring a picture ID (Jag Tag, driver’s license, etc.).

Q: Can our department issue validation tickets to employees?

A: Validation tickets are considered a benefit that allows departments to offer discounted parking to their guests.

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Q: What happens when one of our guests loses their entry ticket?

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