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Yava da ludi online dating

Spin up the applicaiton in either an i OS or Android simulator.

Firebase is going to handle authentication and database storage for the application.

It connects to Firebase using the "firebase App" variable, and passes in the state values for user email/password to create a new user.

To get it set up, head over to https://firebase.and sign in using your Google account.

Then open up the console and add a new project with your prefered name and region.

Now, add a "sign Up" function bellow the constructor. The "async" keyword queues up an async function that will automatically return promises that are resolved with function’s return value.

It also enables the use of "await" which will temporarilly exit the function until a given task is completed.

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Open "Sign Up.js" and inside the "Sign Up" class under the "navigation Options" object, set up a constructor.

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